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Cell Booster
Eye Tech Serum

*Professional Use Only*


*Professional Use Only*

Plumping Gel

*Professional Use Only*

Professional line of cosmetics Unicare is designed for complex skin care. The versatility of the preparations gives a wide range for high-grade and high-quality work of specialists, providing individual programs for daily home care. In order to achieve visible and prolonged results, to restore and “reset” the skin, innovative formulas were developed, representing a unique combination of natural ingredients and active ingredients of the new generation.
Thanks to biocompatible components and microencapsulation technology, all products of the Unicare line are effectively combined with preparations of other lines. The principle of microencapsulation improves the passage of active components through the lipid barrier and their subsequent penetration into the deep layers of the dermis, resulting in the maximum preservation of valuable properties of all ingredients.

To create “really working tools” was used many years of experience of KART, in conjunction with the latest achievements in the field of cosmetology. The drugs included in the Unicare line are relevant for all ages and are suitable for all skin types. Products are tested by leading specialists of the company, it is safe for health and meets all the latest requirements. Preparations provide intensive hydration, nutrition, recovery, correction and protection of the skin. The composition of the preparations includes anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients, which help to reduce irritations, stress and sensitivity of the skin.

Preparations of the Unicare line cope with many beauty tasks, permanently retain the achieved effect, radiance, vitality, health and youthfulness of the skin.